Xiaomi MIX 4 will be released next month or will launch a 100 million pixel ultra clear camera

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Xiaomi internally determined that Xiaomi MIX 4 will be released next month. In combination with the previous Xiaomi product director @王腾Thomas, when answering the question from Weibo, the sensor used by Xiaomi MIX 4 is better than the GW1 of the 64-megapixel sensor, which means that the millet MIX 4 is likely to be equipped with The 100 million pixel sensor was released.

Some time ago, Xiaomi released a 64 million pixel sensor and a 100 million pixel sensor. But at the time there was no real machine release. The 64-megapixel sensor, also known as Samsung's GW1 sensor, has been confirmed that red rice and realme will have mobile phones using the sensor in the near future. As for the 100 million pixel sensor, there is not much news at present.

As one of Xiaomi's flagship products of the year, the hardware level of Xiaomi MIX 4 is naturally the highest. Guess the millet MIX 4 or will be equipped with the Snapdragon 855 Plus mobile platform, before the news pointed out that Xiaomi MIX 4 will also use the screen camera, while supporting 100W fast charge, plus the first 100 million pixel ultra clear camera, millet The hardware strength of MIX 4 will be very worth looking forward to. Of course, everything is just speculation at the moment. What are the specific new opportunities? Only waiting for the release will be announced.

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