Motorola P50 Review: Practical Super Widescreen, Feel and Photo Over Expected

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As the most classic mobile phone brand, Motorola has many amazing designs, and it also carries a lot of youth in the 80s and 90s. One sentence is “Hello Moto”; I don’t know how many people can recall the memories. With the development of the times, Motorola is now younger and oriented towards the mainstream market.
The MOTO P50 released in July is such a model. The machine has an excellent design, and the innovative 21:9 ultra-wide screen is exquisite and stylish, and has a very good grip. In the mobile phone experience, pay attention to the camera ability, real-time HDR and super night scene blessing, so that users can feel professional-level photo fun.
Design: slim body, excellent hand feeling
The appearance of the MOTO P50 can be summed up in three words: slender, sleek, and refined. The front of the fuselage is equipped with a 6.34-inch full screen, the ratio is rare 21:9, compared to most of the 19:9 mobile phones on the market, it looks more slender.

The front camera adopts a through hole scheme, and the opening is relatively large, but the camera transmittance is not lost, which can bring a clearer self-timer. The screen is narrower on three sides and the chin is slightly wider.

The back of the fuselage adopts a four-curved 3D glass design, and the gradient color nano-optical coating process presents a natural streamer texture under illumination. MOTO P50 has two colors: amber coffee, blue gold, and our evaluation machine is blue gold blue.

The top of the fuselage retains the 3.5mm headphone jack, and most of the midrange machines now cancel the headphone jack. This is a good thing for MOTO.

At the bottom of the fuselage are speakers, Type-C connectors and microphones.

The curved glass and the metal middle frame seamlessly transition and fit closely, inheriting the excellent quality control of MOTO.

The narrow body and 3D curved glass give the MOTO P50 a very comfortable grip. From the perspective of the appearance of work, MOTO P50 does not lose four or five thousand flagship phones. Of course, it is also the philosophy that Motorola has always adhered to in order to use materials and work well.
As far as the appearance is concerned, the MOTO P50 really has nothing to be discerning. After all, with the price of 2499, it has achieved four or five thousand exquisiteness. If you have to pick a thorn, I think the screen chin can be narrowed.

Camera performance: algorithm upgrade, leapfrog quality

MOTO P50 is equipped with 48 million main camera (Samsung GM1) + 5 million depth of field lens, the main camera F1/1.7 large aperture, support OIS optical image stabilization and four-in-one pixel synthesis technology, daily out of 12 million photos. Outsole + large aperture + optical image stabilization, this is a professional-grade hardware combination, plus Motorola's new upgrade algorithm, making the P50 camera smarter and clearer.

A variety of camera functions: Super Night Scene, HDR, 3D Portrait Light Effect, Intelligent Scene Recognition, Background Blur, Smile Shot, Spot Color Mode, Micro Motion Photography, Panorama Mode. The camera turns on scene recognition by default, such as at night, it automatically turns on the super night scene.
The foundation is hard enough, and we use a set of proofs to talk about the actual experience.
The first is the night scene. The MOTO P50 has a super night view function. According to the instructions of 8 different exposure durations, the light is exposed to light, the detail display is enhanced, and the light in the dark is enhanced to enhance the definition.

It is worth mentioning that the MOTO P50's front camera is also very strong. It uses a 25-megapixel sensor and also supports four-in-one technology. In dark light, you can choose a better 6 million pixels. Use the AI algorithm to provide personalized beauty based on the person's age, gender, and appearance characteristics. In addition, real-time HDR video is also supported, and video chat in a dark environment is clearer.

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